Twice Fired Handmade Glass Homeware, Wall art and Contemporary Jewellery

Pattern, process and pure obsession with nature

These are the inspirations of up-and-coming glass artist and designer Kate Park, the owner and artistic mind behind Twice Fired.

Based in Leeds, a creative hub and home to the inspirational natural surrounding landscape that is Yorkshire, the Twice Fired studio designs and produces exquisite contemporary handmade glass art.

The Contemporary Glass Society has already exhibited two Twice Fired pieces and the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF) is showcasing a piece in its Harrogate gallery.

Exquisite glass art, contemporary jewellery and homeware

From fused glass works of art to carefully crafted glass jewellery, homeware and giftware, the Twice Fired team also shares its love of this endlessly seductive material, hosting glass art classes and workshops at its studio and award-winning galleries such as The Hepworth Wakefield.

Inspired by naturally occurring art forms – nature’s wealth of beauty is explored. From the tiniest, delicate seedpod or iridescent gloss of a beetle to the elegant formations of birds, each glass piece capturing subtle tones, textures and intricate shapes – hidden gems revealing themselves as the light changes.

Using the highest quality hand rolled kiln-glass, sheets are cut, assembled and cast, each one coldworked and fused in the kiln to create individually unique designs.

Experimentation with the firing process is what fuels Twice Fired’s creativity and fascination for discovering fresh designs and effects – this is where the true complexity and technical skill lies.

Waste to work of art

With a zero waste policy, Twice Fired uses every single bit of glass that enters the studio, turning what others may throw away into something special. From the large sheets cut down, every bit is kept and used. The waste glass is hand cut and fused in to frit balls with these beautiful spheres of loveliness used on future pieces of work. Nothing is wasted and everything gained.


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